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The Employee Feelings Inventory

Simmons Management Systems

By accurately assessing employee feelings & opinions, the EFI tests the adequacy of 156 key organizational areas like: training, supervision, communication, relationships, working conditions, policies/procedures, pay, benefits, etc.

The EFI clearly shows the problems, their location, & each problem's solution.   It will help you do comprehensive personnel studies & team building easily, effectively, & profitably. 

* EFI will help you do comprehensive personnel studies, operations studies, & team-building easily, effectively, & inexpensively. * Because employees respond anonymously, they can be more open & honest.
* Identify the strengths of each work group. Determine what makes each group successful that can be applied to other groups. * Easily completed in 20 minutes, individually or in groups - using only basic reading skills.
* See each problem, the problem's location, & each problem's solution. * Sort results by work group, department, division, race, age, shift, sex, or any variable.
* Knowing the degree of each problem will allow you to easily prioritize your solutions. * Questions can be customized, as needed.
* Spend your time & money only on action that will really make a difference. * Computer-scored and laser-printed, turn-around is within 3 to 5 days.
* By retesting at a later date, you can measure the effectiveness of your constructive action. * All reports can easily be understood & used, with no training requirement.
* EFI is less expensive, much faster, and more objective than personal interviews. * Optional technical support is available, as needed.
* Improve employee morale & productivity, while reducing employee-related costs. In use since 1970
* Employees respond to 150 statements that test key areas of organizational performance. * 3 report options that are easy-to-use & economical.
* EFI measures the intensity of employee feelings by letting them indicate how much they agree or disagree to each statement.  



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