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As important as hiring is, for most companies, hiring is successful only about 50% of the time.  According to the US Department of Labor, 50% of applicants stay only 6 months in their job.  Also, over 60% of all employees stay less than 5 years.   Why is it so hard to get effective employees?

Interviewing produces inaccurate conclusions most of the time!   Many people can interview better than they can perform, while some interview worse than they perform.  Research has shown that there is only a .14 to .19 correlation between interview predictions and actual job success. 

Resumes are usually exaggerated!  They tend to be overstated, claiming success that did not occur, inflating small tasks to look like major accomplishments.  However, some people under represent themselves. 

Information from references is misleading and inaccurate!   References usually withhold negative information, while some are too negative. Research has shown that there is only a .26 correlation between reference predictions and the level of job success.  Would you like to have accurate, dependable information about each potential employee?  

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