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Personal Management Consultants has found that the Simmons Personal Survey with its 57 performance indicators is the most accurate & thorough job-related character test available on the market!

Like an X-Ray, the Survey gives you a thorough view of the person's character strengths & weaknesses, relative to any job in existence, allowing you and your clients to be much more successful at placing, managing, training, & coaching employees. 

* Reliable 720-question database * Can be taken on the web or faxed for scoring.
* Uses perceived opinions of others AND self concept for better accuracy. * 5 validity checks to insure accuracy.
* Adjectives limit impression management and faking. * Standard & custom norms for every job.
* Written at a 6th grade reading level. * Highly valid & reliable - no adverse impact.
*Average completion time is just 30 minutes. * In use since 1975 with thousands of companies.
* Can be administered in just 5 minutes. * Low cost.  7 different report options. 
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